Lincoln and His Generals

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Book Report: Lincoln and His Generals Author: Williams, T. Harry Harry T. Williams was born on May 19, 1909. When in college, he was encouraged by a professor to study history. This professors main interest was the Civil War era and had a great effect on Williams. He attended Platteville State Teachers College (later Wisconsin State University at Platteville) where he received a B.Ed in 1931. Williams continued education into graduate school was mainly due to the …

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…strategy, statesmanship and lack of ego. Williams has provided numerous instances wherein he provides ample support to his arguments and facts. In spite of the unnecessary detail and verbosity that Williams sometimes uses, there is no doubt that this book is a remarkable insight into Lincoln’s persona. Bibliography Works Cited Dawson, Joseph G. III. “T. Harry Williams.” Dictionary of American Biography. Vol. 17, 431-446 Williams, T. Harry. Lincoln and His Generals. New York: Dorset Press, 1952.