"Like Water For Chocolate", understanind Pedro's death.

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Not to downplay or critize Esquivel, but the way she fashioned her text was done so in a way that certain things were evident from the very beginning. One such instance is the fate of Pedro, the divine love to Tita. The reader understands very early on that he is predestined to parish in a glories tragic display of their eternal love. While this act may be labeled predictable, the author still managed to throw …

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…in writing. “Those who live the by sword--die by the sword”. It would only seem appear to be a worthy ending for the wild and forbidden true love, no substitutes accepted. So bring on the danger, welcome the passion, laugh for the joy, beam for the love, and cry for the tragedy! I plead insanity for attempting to rationalize that without logic or purpose, I am a reader, it’s what I do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**