Life of St Martin of Tours

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Josh Sagel LIFE OF MARTIN OF TOURS Following in the lines of Jerome and Athanasius, Sulpicius Severus composed a biography of St. Martin of Tours. Concerned more with miracles and encounters with the devil rather than a complete description of the monastic life, Life of Martin of Tours is a glimpse into the nature of Christianity of the 4th Century. Life of Martin of Tours gives a very brief view of Martin's life before he …

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…the emperor to the church, a commonly cited factor in the collapse of the Western Empire. The people of the day truly believed in a Christianity that, today, would get one called fanatical at the least, locked away at worst. .The overriding emphasis, however, is not a power struggle. It is a affirmation of the power that the holy man exercised over the populace. Bibliography None other than Sulpicius Severus' LIFE OF MARTIN OF TOURS