Life of Ben Hogan

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Ben Hogan was born in Stevenville, Texas in 1912. He had to live with the calamity of his father committing suicide when Ben was very young, only ten. When Hogan and his family (his older sister and brother) moved to Fortworth, Hogan learned to caddy and found his lifetime obsession ..... Golf! By the time he was a teenager, he clearly had enough ability to think of having a career in golf, but he was extremely private …

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…suicide when Hogan was only 10. His determination pulled him through and he became one of the greatest golfers that ever lived. He changed the way many people play golf and how they apply themselves to achieve all their goals and how hard they work towards all things. I think he was the hardest worker I have ever heard of. Still today his books are regarded by many as the greatest golf manuals in the world.