Life The Courage to Change

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Cruel Intentions, is a film about a young man, Sebastian, and his stepsister, Kathryn, who together do everything in their power, sexual or not, to better their own reputation. They try everything, even if it means ruining someone else’s life, reputation or well being, just to better themselves. They manipulate, use, and belittle every human being possible that comes in the way of their perfect life. Cruel Intentions, a film that uses the setting …

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…is not easily analyzed but yet it is a movie that shows the viewer pointblank many morals, its use of characters’ and attitude,and attributes the setting very openly to the film. Cruel Intentions, is a film filled with the courage of the character, Sebastian, evolving into someone he never thought he could achieve. An annonymous writer once said, “Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you`re scared to death.”