Life In New France

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Essay: Life in New France The St. Lawerence was the largest river and most important river in New France. There were three cities in New France Quebec, Montreal, and Trois Riveriers. People depended on rivers and lakes for transportation. In warm weather they traveled by canoe, larger boats, or on rafts with sails. In wintertime they traveled by horse and sleigh on the frozen rivers. The French brought their customs and culture to New France …

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…New France usually had stone foundations. Houses in the 1600ís were square-cut timbers. A cement-like substance called mortar filled spaces of the house. A house built in the 1700ís often had walls of stone. It sometimes was covered with pine boards. The houses had only one room and an attic for sleeping. They would paint their furniture with homemade paint. They had a fireplace that gave heat and light.The seigneur house was usually larger.