Lend Me a Tenor

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Steven Brink Intro to Theatre Summary of “Lend Me a Tenor” In the following summary of Lend Me a Tenor I will look at many different aspects affecting the play such as: actors, directing, lighting, scenery, costumes, text, and characters. With myself seeing this play eight times and almost getting all of the lines down myself I know that this will be the best summary of this play, or at least hope. What I am …

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…place on the stage. So in closing I must say that I did enjoy watching the play it was quite entertaining and I have also learned the theater can be more fun to see than a movie. Also I think that the curtain speed was good because that is what I did and I think I did an exquisite job at it. Steven Brink Intro. Theater 3-1-00 Lend Me a Tenor Bibliography Blair Hall