Leaky Borders; Immigration and America's Future

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Immigration & America's Future Since the creation of mankind, our world has undergone many revolutionary changes. One of the more recent (20th century) changes has been a decline in the death rates around the world, led by the emergence of modern medicine and the practice of better farming methods. This was a great human achievement, but we cut the death rate without cutting the birth rate. Now population is soaring, and while human population has always …

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…over our future, and our children will pay the price of uncontrolled immigration. Immigration 6 References Bender, D., & Leone, B. (1990). Immigration-Opposing Viewpoints. Cambridge, Mass.: Dudley Press Brinkerhoff, D. B., White, L. K., & Reidmann, A. C. (1997). Sociology (Fourth Edition). New York: Wadsworth Lieber, Michaeal. (1994, September). Border Bash. U.S. News & World Report, 43-44 McClellan, G. S. (1993). Immigrants, Refugees, and U.S. Policy. New York: H. W. Wilson Company Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia (1998) Immigration; Causes of 19th century immigration.