Leadership, a consulting company in Greece

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LEADERSHIP Contents 1.         Introduction - Company Background Offered Services 2.         EXERGIA' s inputs Environment Resources History Main Strategies 3.         Concepts for the management of organizational change 4.         Restructuring the Management Plan 5.         Conclusion-Exergia 6.         References 1. Introduction - Company Background Exergia is an independent firm of consultants operating internationally in the fields of energy and environment. It is a member of SESMA, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Companies (the Greek branch of FEACO). The company, founded in 1991, maintains a rapid growth …

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…industries, functions and markets. 6. References 1.         Christopher Mabey & Bill Mayon-White, Managing Change 2.         Tichy, N.M. Managing Strategic Change, J.Wiley, 1983 3.         Kotter, J.P. & Schlesinger, L.A., Choosing Strategies for change, Harvard Business Review, March-April 1979,pp.106-114 4.         Goodstein, L.D.& Burke, W.W., Creating successful organizational change. Strategic Management Journal, 1992 5.         Tsoukas, h., Introduction: From social engineering to reflective action in organization behavior, INH. Tsoukas, pp. 1-22 6.         Managing Change and Changing Management, The Open University