Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Most people don't know who Laura Ingalls Wilder is! But if you have heard of the books Little House On the Prarie then you know exactly who I'm talking about. Little House on the Prarie is a series of books about Laura Ingall Wilders life growing up in the Big Woods. Laura grew up in a big family but it was only her Mother, Father and sister Mary in the family house. They lived by …

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…hands out to help as she saved a life of a newborn baby from illness. In Febuary of 1880 Laura's father drove off to the law office in Brookings to claim their home. In the spring of 1880 Laura's Mother thought since there was lot of people without homes because they were still being built, so she opened a hotel in her house. The people were aloud to sleep by the stove on the floor Bibliography hghghghg