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As I enter the room there is a slight scent of a crayons and elmer’s glue. The windows are closed, and there are heart shaped construction paper hanging throughout the classroom. The teacher turns from the board to greet me, “Hola, Nolan.” I reply, “Hola Senora Pedroza.” The students sit attentively at their desks facing the chalk board. They notice my arrival and look at my expectantly; I greet them, and head towards “my” …

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…exercised on “their” level. Children of today are in control of their own behaviors and take necessary means to make sure that you follow the rules, “or else . . . .” Works Cited Davies, Lynn. “Pupil Power: Deviance and Gender in School”. Falmer Press:London. 1984. Levin, Jack. “Elementary Statistics in Social Research”. Harper Collins College Publishers:New York. 1994. Stark, Jack. “Moral Authority, Ideology, and the Future of the American Family”. Westview Press:Boulder. 1999. Sutherland, Edwin. “Criminology”. Lippincott:Philadelphia. 1974.