"Las Meninas" by Diego Velazquez.

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Velazquez, Diego Las Meninas 1656 When placing yourself through the eyes of Diego Velazquez, one has many questions. These questions range from the obvious observations to the most acute of details. However, I, being an average viewer of art from a background of primarily pop culture, had a difficult time selecting exactly what questions to ask this painting. The real question that repeatedly surged in my mind was the question of mystification or "the process of …

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…items that I, coming from background of pop culture, would see fit. I wouldn't see, either out of sheer ignorance or just plain laziness, the inner truth of the artwork. I wouldn't place myself through the eyes of the artist. I would simply see it through my eyes or someone who perhaps had a better understanding of the art. But through the Berger process of viewing art, I now realize that seeing comes before words.