Language in The Crucible

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language in the crucible - one of the most remarkable aspects of the crucible is miler's creation of believable dialogue for his 17th century puritans although partly based on what he found in salem records, most of it is his own invention it is convincingly old-fashioned without it being hard to understand the language carries echos of the king james bible; but word by word, apart from a few achatic terms - such as 'harlot' …

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…i know how you....sweat like a stallion whenever i come near! on pg 132 where hale is speaking to elizabeth, he uses elaborated language and he talked a lot about himself before coming to the point his language reveals who he is as he was very full of himself when he first came to salem that he was blinded to the truth and when he finally came to the 'point' (turth) it was too late