Lane Frost A Fallen Champinion

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Lane Frost Lane Frost was a bull rider that had a talent for riding bulls and died doing what he loved. Lane died at the Cheyenne Frontier Days in a battle between a 5'11'', 145-lb. man and a 2000 lb. bull named Taking Care of Business. He rode bull the for eight seconds, then tried to get off of it but as he did the bull turned and hooked him. It broke his ribs which …

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…rode for the love of the sport. He was only 25 when he hit the top as the youngest bull-riding champion in the history of the P.R.C.A. Once he made it to the top he stayed there until his death in 1989. If Lane had not died he would still be at the top of the bull riding standings. Every bull rider in the world knows the story of Lane Frost "The Fallen Champion".