Land use and misuse in the uk

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Land use and misuse. The United Kingdom has about 24 million hectors of land. §19 million hectors go in to agriculture §1.7 million hectors go in to housing §Building, quarrying and waste disposal are some of the human activities that account for the rest of the land. §Each year quarrying produces about 300 million tonnes of gravel, limestone, sand and sandstone for concrete and other building materials. §About 90% of household waste in the UK is dumped into a large …

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…hard to cope with so many people. Problems occur like basic health care and finding places to live, food and education about contraception. Another strain on the environment is the increasing standard of living in all countries. These factors mean that: ØRaw materials, including non-renewable energy resources are being used up. ØMore waste is being produced. ØMore pollution is being caused. When the earth's population was smaller the effects of human activity were much smaller.