Land pollution in the uk

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Land pollution Dumping waste. 90% of household wastes go into pits in the ground called landfills. There is a big problem with landfills in the UK filling up with disposable nappies. On average a baby goes through 6,000 nappies and Britain's parents throw away eight million disposables every day. Local authorities spend at least £40m collecting and disposing of nappy waste. Ways to stop the pollution of so much land would be more recycling. Leisure. Costal resorts …

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…beetles. This can cause a shortage of food for insect eating birds. Pesticides are poisonous and can pass on to animals higher up in the food chain and sometimes humans. Fertilizers. Fertilizers contain nitrates, which are essential to the growing of a plant. Without them crops wouldn't grow nearly as well. Crops take nitrates from the soil and nitrates need to be replaced. If the fertilizer flows into streams or lakes the result is eutrophication.