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The Presence of Percival Employing a multitude of memories, reflections and ultimate confessions from Lancelot Lamar, the author uses Percival as a tool to illustrate the hero’s fall from grace as a result of society’s aberration. Although the priest-psychologist merely “stand[s] by the window” (1) for a majority of the monologue, Lancelot’s verbalization is a direct result of Percival’s presence. One might argue that Lancelot would tell his story regardless of …

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…aiding his companion, putting religion aside. After hearing, first hand, about all Lance has experienced, one must admire Percival’s steadfastness. The final scene exemplifies the juxtaposition between Lance and Percy, and how it is Percival’s presence that has a positive affect on the hero. With the final question standing, “Is there anything you wish to tell me before I leave?” (279), the reader is expelled with the echo of a single, foreshadowing utterance – “Yes.”