"Lady of Shalott" by William Holman Hunt.

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A Review of William Holman Hunt's The Lady of Shalott (Version 2) William Holman Hunt's painting The Lady of Shalott (Version 2) is painted from the poem by the same title, written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. William Holman Hunt chose to paint emotionally charged moments and he captures that in this painting. In the center of this painting there is a typical "Pre-Raphaelite" woman who has long, loose, red hair, with very fair skin, and undone clothes ( …

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…stating that , "This painting is an explicit representation of the Lady's frantic sexual awakening, in juxtaposition with Lancelot's passive masculinity, which unambiguously makes the Lady the agent of her own destruction."# Hunt wanted to portray a fallen woman or a woman who is in the state of falling, and he used a lot of symbolism (the pictures in the background, the tapestry, the doves, etc.) to show the viewer that is what this lady is.