Lab project report on plant growth and water puritys effect on it.

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Title: The effects of tap water and mineral water on the germination and growth of herbs. Introduction: How will tap water and mineral water affect the germination and the growth of herbs? My hypothesis is that the herbs will best germinate and grow in mineral water. Mineral water may have fewer contaminants that can hurt the germination of the seeds and perhaps this absence will help the growth of the plants. Mineral water is water …

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…retardant affect on growth, particularly, in the earlier stages of development. Further investigations might include determining the effects of tap water and mineral water on crops, on plants in other climates, and even the effect of tap water and mineral water on life forms such as animals and children. Works Cited 1. Bullers, Anne Christiansen. " Bottled Water: Better Than the Tap?" FDA Consumer Magazine July-August 2002. <>