Lab on how plant cuttings (Dwarf Periwinkle and Sage Bush) grow in different envorments.

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My Experiences working on this Experiment My experiences working on this project were very interesting. The hardest part was the tedious process of measuring all the plants for four weeks. Finding a place where the plants could find sun light with out getting wet by the sprinklers was a tricky process. I ended up moving a table from the courtyard to the backyard to set all my plants on. Going to the library and searching …

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…farmer who needs to mass-produce a plant. The value of the experiment scientifically is that now scientist potentially save dyeing plants. From the results, which were found, other experiments could be done. Experiments which evolve other plants, to learn if they can propagate in new environments. Plants such as corn or tomatoes or any other plant that people use as a staple food in their daily life. This could help the hunger in the world.