La Amistad

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It is a case that challenges the very foundation of our legal system, but for the African captives on trial, this is not a clash of politics or ideologies. This is a fight for the basic right of all mankind...freedom. It is the story of the Amistad, a slave ship that didnít quite make it. When it arrived in this country, it brought out both the best and worst in people, and the …

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…when it comes to things of importance. But when it comes down to the details, a person might have to look deeper than just the screen. Bibliography 1. Amistad. DreamWorks Pictures, 1998. 2. Exploring Amistad. 3. THE AMISTAD, 40 U.S. 518 (1841). 4. The Amistad Case. 5. What the Amistad Means to American Maritime History.