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"THE LOTTERY" In "THE LOTTERY" by Shirley Jackson, Destiny play's a role in Mrs. Hutchinson's life. In life everyone has a certain way of living each with there own destiny. "THE LOTTERY" is somewhat like life because there is always a chance to take. In life the one thing guaranteed is death. In The Lottery it only guarantees a chance to win or lose. Playing "lotto" the game of chance has to do with luck. …

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…they get their share of good times. Destiny is not controllable. It is set from the moment you are born. Doing the wrong thing should lead to suffering. Who would have thought that the right thing could lead to the same ending.0ne tends to understand why people always say " The good die young". THE BIBLE "Anne Hutchinson" The World Book Encyclopedia. Ed9, 1985 Jackson, Shirley "The Lottery" The Lottery. NEW YORK: The Noonday Press 1991. 291-302