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In L’etranger, an existentialist novel written by Albert Camus, the reader begins to discover that women are treated abusively or poorly. The main character in L’etranger, Meursault, views women as lesser than men; which ultimately conveys how women were thought of in Africa for that time period. In the second chapter, the reader first begins to get an idea of Meursault character, and his feelings towards women. After swimming with Marie Cordona, who …

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…it got Raymond off the hook, and also showed that the policemen thought that it was all right to punish a woman if she had cheated on Raymond. Again, this emphasises the womens position in society. For the reasons stated above, Albert Camus conveys to the reader that women are considered lesser than men by Marsaud, and in the whole of Africa during that time period. Bibliography Camus, Albert. L’Etranger. London, England : Penguin Books, 1982