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Describe the successes and failures of president Johnson in his attempt to build a great society in the U.S.A in the years 1963-1968 A third of a century after Lyndon B. Johnson abandoned his five-year roller coaster as president; his attempts for the betterment of mankind were not always met with approval. Conservatives disdain his “Great Society”, while liberals excoriate his Vietnam policy. Reganites group Johnson’s tenure with the Nixon, Ford, and …

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…war and its consequences. By all indications the war in Vietnam was the least popular of America’s wars in this century. Bitter controversy about the war swirled around the president and drowned the memory of his good legislative works. LBJ was a truly massive president who took American into a new era of development. Coming out of Kennedy’s shadow was a mammoth task yet he managed it with style. Bibliography None, MY WORK!