Kurds vs Turks

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Introduction to Kurds: Kurdish lands, rich in natural resources, have always sustained and promoted a large population. While registering modest gains since the late 19th century, but particularly in the first decade of the 20th, Kurds lost demographic ground relative to neighboring ethnic groups. This was due as much to their less developed economy and health care system as it was to direct massacres, deportations, famines, etc. The total number of Kurds actually decreased in …

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…over the past 15 years. Turkey has not carried out a death penalty in more than a decade and the court's decision for Ocalan's second-in-command does not bode well for the PKK leader. The top lieutenant to rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan was sentenced to death May 20, 1999 for masterminding hundreds of deaths in Turkey in a bid to win autonomy for the Kurds. Therefore, itís highly likely that the PKK leader will receive an identical fate.