Kosovo crisis

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As this paper is being written, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Kosovo, there are missiles being fired, houses burning, and people dying. But to understand this senseless war, one must look at how it started. As was seen in the U.S.S.R and Checkoslovakia, due to different nationalities, regions of countries demand sovereignty and independence. This was how it all started in Kosovo, dominated by an Albanian population. Even after receiving autonomy, Albanian …

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…action with only 12% approval in 6 non-NATO countries surveyed . We must keep in mind that NATO-member countries are exposed to NATO propaganda, as the non-member countries would have a clearer view of the truth in their papers. Although the end to this war does not appear to be close, one thing to me is clear: NATO should have attempted a more diplomatic approach. It is much easier to unleash a war than put out it's fire.