Korean War 2

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The Korean War was a result of the division of Korea after World War 2. Japan controlled Korea prior to 1945 when the United States and the Soviet Union divided Korea at the 38th parallel. The US did this in the fear that the Soviet Union would take over Korea. This was the beginning of the split between the north and south. Both the US and the Soviet Union began to build their regimes within their halves …

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…deemed the “Demilitarized zone”. With no peace treaty signed the sides were still technically at war the buffer zone was heavily fortified. As a result of the war the spread of communism was delayed, but at the cost of 36,934 dead US soldiers and 103,284 wounded. The economic and physical damage to Korea was unimaginable. The war was one of the United States most upsetting war at that point in time that was until another Asian conflict.