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A year from 2333B.C. to 1400 AD The civilization of Korea started around 6000 BC in the Neolithic are. But Korean history really started from 2333 BC. At that time, Korea had four countries. The four countries, are Ko-Gu-Ryo, Pack-Che, Shilla and Ka-Ya, Ka-Ya incorporated with Ko-Gu-Ryo in 200 B.C. because this country couldn't handle the War between the other countries. At first, one of these three countries, Ko-Gu-Ryo, was strongest and biggest. This country developed toughness …

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…Republic of Korea became important and one of fast growing countries but the other hand, North Korea became poor and dangerous country. Because North Korea tried to made a nuclear war with South Korea. It is possibly became dangerous war in the War. However, South Korea grown up really fast and now, South Korea showing problems in economically and politically. And after president of North Korea, Jung-Il Kim, died, North Korea shows an unstable government.