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KNIGHTS: MYTH/REALITY Research Paper Early Middle Ages What come to mind when you hear the word knight? You are probably thinking of a book that you read when you were younger and saw someone in shining armor, fighting a dragon and rescuing ladies in distress. But actually these are myths about the knight. They never fought dragons or rescued ladies in distress. They did however fight battles and wars. A knight was someone who …

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…me a lot about knights and how the came to be, from the origin of the word knight to when this feudal system ended. Bibliography Work Cited: Barber, Richard. The Knight & Chivalry. New York: Charles Scribnerís Sons, 1970. Bumke, Joachim. The Concept of Knighthood in the Middle Ages. New York: AMS PRESS, INC. 1977. Hilton, R.H. Peasants, Knights and Heretics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976. Jones, Terry. Chaucerís Knight. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1980.