King Lear and the fatal flaw

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‘How central is the idea of a ‘fatal flaw’ in King Lear?’ More than any of Shakespeare’s plays, King Lear explores the concept of a fatal flaw and the terrible downfall it could lead to. It is indeed the most central idea in the play. Shakespeare shows us how one flaw in an otherwise normal person can lead to their ultimate demise. From the very inception we witness what Lear’s fatal flaw is …

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…and reasonless basis the world punishes. Crouched permanently in the realm of madness, there is no escape for Lear. It is nothing but the repercussions of his terrible pride that has given him his ticket to this insane world, and the fact that he has realised that. The concept of a fatal flaw is the most central concept in the play. Lear’s demise can attributed wholly to the intense pride he had for himself.