King Lear Refusal to Accept Truth

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Pride, arrogance and the refusal to accept reality is a failing in humans. It causes them to overlook the obvious and leads to errors in judgement. In tragedies, this is a leading cause in why the most apparent flaws in judgement are often overlooked by characters. In the play King Lear, by William Shakespeare, King Lear refuses to accept the reasoning that his Fool puts forth regarding Lear and his kingdom's well being. To some, …

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…any others dear to him. Lear shows that he works in haste and without consultation. He proves that false hopes and dreams can lead to decisions made without proper care and study. Furthurmore, because of stubbornness, rational decision making is hindered. Due to his refusal to taking advice from the Fool, Lear is a man without hope. This mentality of higher station in life is always in the wrong, and can lead only to failure.