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King Lear The misjudgment of their offspring leaves King Lear and Gloucester favoring the wrong children. Because they favored the evil, disloyal children, King Lear and Gloucester both undergo great personal suffering caused by Regan, Goneril, and Edmund. Cordelia and Edgar, the children whom they reject as worthless and disloyal, are really the representatives of all that is good and loyal in the world. At a public ceremony before dividing his kingdom among his three …

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…ways, both fathers undergo great personal suffering. King Lear suffers personally with the loss of his kingdom and with being humiliated and striped of his power and men. Gloucester also suffers personally with the loss of his sight by having his eyes gouged out. In spite of the horrible treatment they receive from the evil, disloyal children, both Cordelia and Edgar stand by their fathers and forgive then for the injustices that they have suffered.