Killer Angels 2

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The Killer Angels Fabulous insight into the military mind, the minds of men, the minds of people dedicated to a cause greater than themselves. Michael Shaara gives us a dozen characters worth caring about from both armies, and then plunges them into one of the most terrible things in America's history the "Battle of Gettysburg" The book is a great depiction on the American Civil War. The book is repulsing, the massive slaughter of "Americans …

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…was for them. As Shaara has Lee say, "And does it matter after all who wins? Was that ever really the question? Will God ask that question, in the end?" [p.360] The reader begins to get a greater understanding of life, and that you follow what is in your heart. It also makes the reader try to make this world kinder and better for everyone. In this lies the true value of The Killer Angels.