Kent State Massacre

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After a long period of fighting a defensive war in Vietnam, on April 29, 1970, President Richard Nixon launched a full-scale attack in Cambodia, which greatly accelerated America’s involvement in this conflict. The reaction from the American College student population was one that led into great controversy and heated debates. When Nixon announced his decision on the following day, many people were upset, and thousands of people protested. The end result of one particular protest was …

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…protesters. As with all major incidents, it just kind faded away with time. Now it is just another history lesson, but for someone who looks closely, it could be much more. BIBLIOGRAPHIES 1. “Guard Fired in Self Defense” U.S. News & World Report 69:33-35 N 2. “Four Deaths at Noon” Life 68:30-35 My 15 ^70 3. Kent State Continued: Justice Department Summary of FBI Investigation Time 96:16 N 9 70 4. Olson, James. A Dictionary of the Vietnam War. West Port, Conn:Greenwood Press,1988