Keats' poem "Ode to a Grecian Urn" deconstricts humanity's mortality and in the end urges people to take pleasure in what remains, namely beauty. WARNING: The essay gets a bit sassy towards the end.

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Ode To a Grecian Urn This poem says something insidious about human nature, or at least civilization. But before I get into that, this is what I believe the poet is trying to say, and I only use the term "believe" because there are many different ways of interpreting this poem. The key to it is the last two lines, ""Beauty is truth, truth beauty" -that is all/ Ye need know on earth, and all …

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…long this form of perfection lasts as the ideal in their lives. I'd bet my whole checking account that they'd be crying for their momma's and begging for a real woman, lumpy and aging, who can speak. Because with all of Keats' talk of "wild ecstasy" and "pipes and timbrels", unheard melodies grow tiresome after a while, and there is nothing like the sound of a woman's voice to put a smile on anyone's face.