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American Lit. Professor Claire Berger Michael L. Cosby 2. Trace Edna Pontellier’s awakening. Edna awakening comes very soon in the story, because first of all Edna never feels connect to the wealthy Creoles of New Orleans. The whole life style of the Creoles just never fits to her and the type of person she is. Then on vacation, Edna starts to fall for a man named, Robert Lebrun. The mean part of her awakening is wh…

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…. The reason that Edna likes Mademoiselle is because that she is so bold and eccentric. Robert Lebrun, a young man how attaches himself to Edna Pontellier during the summer and unexpectedly grows quite attached to her. He tries to distance himself from her by going to Vera Cruz, and he tries to be honorable by not always reciprocating Edna's advances. Alcee Arobin is a man how has a affair with Edna after Robert.