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Karl Marx “It may seem paradoxical that Karl Marx, whom so many working-class movements of our time claim as their Master and infallible guide to revolution, should have come from a comfortable middle-class home. Yet to a remarkable extent he does himself epitomise his own doctrine that men are conditioned by their socio-econmic circumstances. The German City in which he grew up gave him a sense of long historical tradition and at the same time …

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…a slow death”. He had to suffer many illnesses in the last 10 years of his life. Finally he died at his home on March 14, 1883. And was buried at Highgate Cemetery in London beside his wife, Jenny – who died in 1881 because of cancer. Marx has affected nearly all aspects, whether it is economy, politics, natural sciences, Darwinism, or philosophy. His impacts have positively changed the world even still today, Marx’s ingenious is all around us.