Kafka's Metamorphosis

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The Flower In Kafka's Metamorphosis Grete is experiencing many changes during her brother's transformation. Grete's metamorphosis is symmetrical to that of a flower. It occurs as a result of her surroundings coupled with what she is being subjected to. Through it all she goes from being a young seed to being a beautiful flower. Like a seed, Grete is simply an entity that has not reached full potential. Grete's love for Gregor is unmatched, even …

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…sister (p.241). Grete once a mere seed is now a flower in bloom. She's the product of that which has cultivated her. Now more knowledgeable of the good things that lie ahead, she understands that she has to let go of Gregor in order to move forward in her own life. "She had bloomed into a pretty girl with a good figure." This flower is now ready to experience the full effect of the sun.