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The Metamorphosis, by Kafka, explored the need for change in society. Kafka saw a wrong in society as a whole and wanted to make his opinion known. He believed it was wrong to be dedicated to one’s job over one’s family. The critics and their articles, Honig’s “Dark Conceit” and Richter’s “Franz Kafka-Werk and Entwurf”, delved into that controversial view of Kafka’s work. The relationship to his family, his guilt, …

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…job. The rest of the day needs to be used with friends and family. He also was an example that people should do things that they want, not what is better for others around them. If you go through life trying to please other people with what you do, happiness will never come to you. The Metamorphosis was Kafka’s wake up call to the world saying that family comes first in life, not jobs.