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During the winter of 1865 to 1866 in Pulaski, Tennessee, six former confederate army officers gave their society a name adapted from the Greek word "Kuklos", meaning "circle". The Ku Klux Klan began as a prankish social organization, but soon became a very serious organization which has changed the world. Itís activities soon were directed against the Republican Reconstruction governments. The group had become a permanent part of history forever. Most people are familiar with the …

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…comments about school he says, "I think theyíre brainwashing kids because they have black studies. They teach things that have white people in it, but they donít call it white studies." He says when he gets married and has kids, he wonít force his kids into the Klan or into being racist, because he feels that is brainwashing, also, though he still wants his kids to grow up proud whites. Bibliography sdfsadfsfgsf