Justifying Natural Born Killers

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Natural Born Killers is a type of movie that sends new ideas to peoples heads. This movie seems like it is trying to justify murder. In almost every scene of the movie we can see images of demons or other evil things, for example the sign of the triple six, which stands for the mark of the beast. All of this adds to the glamorization of murder. The movie seems to be glamorizing murder, and …

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…there were segments on the news that there were copycat killers, and they blamed it on Natural Born Killers)(Patten). With all the glamorization of murder done in the movie, one's point of view of murder can change, showing that film does have influences on people's lives. Bibliography PATTEN,DOMINIC- "Rising Body Count" September, 1997 Copyright © 1999 Salon Internet Inc.Salon Magazine <http://www.salonmag.com/sept97/news970976.html> Stone, Oliver - Natural Born Killers ©1994 Warner Bros.