Justified American Revolution

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From 1763, Americans had only to be convinced that an arbitrary ruler-whether Parliament or King-was violating their inherent rights: life, liberty and happiness. This belief led the colonists to rebel against Great Britain causing many horrible occurrences. The conditions of rights of the colonists will eventually be changed as the King of England and Parliament became more intolerable. They became more intolerable as they began to enforce their idea of mercantilism, passed laws on taxes, and …

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…was unfair. The justified American Revolution started because of Great Britainís harsh demands on the colonists. The colonists had no choice but to rebel against these harsh laws. How could the colonists obey to a country that does not recognize their rights? The majority of the policies that affected the colonies were economic changes that limited their economic success. These negative demands placed by Great Britain provoked the colonists to start a justified revolution.