Justice Alone isn't sufficient enough to live life morally

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Socrates and Polemarchus argue the idea of Dikaisune in the beginning of Plato's book, The Republic. Dikaisune translated into English means justice. Justice is one of the four virtues in the group with courage, self-control, and wisdom, which are proposed as being sufficient to live a moral life. Polemarchus considers justice to be the only virtue necessary to live a moral life. Polemarchus adapts the idea of Simonides' concept of Dikaisune, and argues with Socrates …

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…morally involves more than justice alone can provide. Morality needs courage, wisdom and self-control to make a person happy. Justice is an integral part of morality and while it might have a great influence on the other three virtues, justice alone does not govern them entirely making morality a far more complicated enterprise than justice could ever be. Socrates effectively showed that Dikaisune is False Justice alone is not sufficient to live a moral life.