June Jubilation in Korea

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June Jubilation in Korea Korea, a country of struggle still affected by its war fifty years ago, celebrated its 50th Anniversary on June 25th. Unlike the commemorations of past years with military parades and big extravaganzas, this half-century parade and its battle re-enactments were cancelled. Instead of such extravagances, it was replaced with photo exhibits and dinner parties for the veterans of the war. Most veterans were pleased with the idea and endorsed it, but …

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…I believe that the North Koreans are only acting and trying to get along this way because they just went through a famine and they need supplies and food. But by being a single country, it would help the North Koreans get back on its feet, which is also a very moral way of life. But with such steps like this, the Koreas might be able to reach its ultimate goal of being one country.