Julius Ceaser The Importance of Brutus

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Julius Caesar Throughout Julius Caesar, Brutus's actions have very extensive ramifications, I wish to review his actions, and the motivating factors behind those actions. I intend to prove that Brutus had a strong and well grounded personae. He had good intentions; however, he made one fatal mistake and that was his downfall. He had many positive qualities. I wish to bring these to the light and delve into how they affected the plot. Brutus is …

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…this thesis having the opposite point of view. I thought that Brutus was a poor template for the role that Shakespeare put him in. However, I soon realized that Brutus, in fact, was a staple of moral fortitude because of the reasons I have previously stated. The plot revolves around Brutus and thus his actions are often scrutinized and are important to understand. Brutus is a statue of honor and should be recognized as such.