Julius Ceaser 2

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I believed in what Brutus had to say during his speech, and I was pro-Brutus because of his honorable title. However, I am now pro-Caesar and pro-Antony. I truly believe in what Antony has to say, because unlike Brutus, he has reasons and explications for why things were done. He does not simply state an opinion as Brutus did. He supports his opinion with facts, so that they are no longer opinions but facts. Brutus …

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…the holy place, "And with the brands fire the traitor's houses." Our crowd has now become a mob, and we are off to burn the houses of the conspirators. I will not rest until the malicious men who killed him suffer. I wish for Ate to come by Caesar's side, to come from hell, and cry "Havoc!". I vow not to be content until I put the lives of these terrible men to an end.