Julius Ceasar - who is the real hero of the novel

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Who is the real Hero of this Play? The dictionary defines a hero as man/woman who is famed for courage or deeds of prowess. The character in the play Julius Caesar, who best fits this description, is Brutus. Brutus is the hero in this play because he demonstrates certain character traits that would be necessary for a person to be defined as a hero. Brutus demonstrates how he loves Rome even more than himself …

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…reasons why Brutus is a hero. Only a hero puts his country before himself and his friends. Only a hero admits to killing a man with giving just cause, right after he commits the murder. Only a hero can lead so many men into a losing battle with just cause. Quite simply, Brutus is a hero because his enemy Mark Antony said so; " He is the noblest man to live this tide of times. (3,1, 256-7)"