Julius Ceasar -Mark Antony

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Antony has been described as "a self-seeking politician of no scruples." Do you agree? Support your answer with close reference to the text. Antony appears to be loyal to Caesar, but his loyalty hides his underlying deceitful nature. Antony uses Caesar's death to his advantage. Antony capitalises on the opportunity it presents and progresses to become the victor and ruler of Rome. There is no doubt that early in the play Antony is portrayed as …

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…of killing Caesar. Cassius has recognised Antony's true motives, to gain power, and become king. In the end Antony is the only one left to rule the people. The surface of the play portrays a man who is loyal to his king, and who wished to revenge his death. However, there is underlying evidence that Antony was a very cunning man, and that he uses the other characters to gain power, and eventually rule Rome.