Julian Emperors

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The Julian Emperors were the emperors of Rome that were related to Julius Caesar, hence the name. There were four of them that ruled from A.D.14 to A.D.68. Some of them were related to him vaguely, but legally they were still related to him. The first person in the Julian Empire was Tiberius. He was born in Rome on November 16, 42. When he was four, his mother divorced his father and married the Emperor …

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…started a conspiracy against Nero. Among the 41 people in the plot, 18 were killed. Among them was his old assistant Seneca. A man named Poppaea was kicked to death by Nero and his widowed wife married Nero. After that he was declared a public enemy by the senate and he fled Rome. Before all of his enemies could find him, he committed suicide on June 9, 68, near Rome. Bibliography blablabla, i pulled it out of my ass