Jujitsu - The Gentle Art

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To a person not conversant with this art, Jujitsu may be considered as a foul or derogatory term in Japanese. However, Jujitsu us one of the most effective and deadly forms of martial arts taught today. Unique among other forms of combat, Jujitsu holds the position of a “parent art”, of from which other forms of martial arts such as Aikido, Judo and several Karate styles were extracted. Jujitsu is a combination of all levels …

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…I have been under threat of, or in the midst of actual attack. Though I have only begun to learn the fundamental aspects of the art, I have already established a confident grasp and deep desire to learn. As we live in a society where threat of attack is an all too common occurrence, I would recommend learning a martial art to anyone, and Jujitsu is the most complete and well-rounded combat style to learn.